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My name is Geordie Guy. Its actually Geordie Guy, with my first name Geordie and my last name Guy. Geordie isnt short for anything.

Im a computer systems architect, I do volunteer work in public policy, I love to cook (and blog about it here). Im a Leo, an ENTJ, born in the year of the monkey. Im a husband and I think Im at least a 5 out of 10 as husbands go. Im a little right of centre, I think you need to give me a good reason why it should change rather than changing for changes sake. I have facial hair but Im not a beard guy. I prefer a CLI to a GUI, so Id prefer to work from a shell than from a web browser. Id prefer red wine to white, draught beer to bitter. Cocktails must contain bitters and a brown liquor, they are not a fruit salad steeped in fruit liqueurs.

I keep tropical fish, love aviation (but flying makes me nervous) and I like to watch TV and I dont care if you think thats not what a smart guy should do. I have a Kindle, I love it, and Im not buying an iPad but if you gift me one I suppose Ill play with it for a bit, Ill likely fill it up with world hiphop, dance and 90s rock music because thats what I like to listen to.

I know a lot about what Cisco do, I know heaps about what Microsoft do and I think IBM will do the most out of anyone. Im excited by ambient and observational computing, I think hypervisors are part of the enabling technology of the future and I think you should have a storage strategy and stop hyperventilating about the cloud. If youd like to talk to me about just how much I know about all these things, and where that knowledge might fit in your organisation, you can start by reading my resume. I love languages, I can speak a lot of German, a tiny bit of Mandarin, an awful lot of nonsense and you should listen to my opinion even if you dont wind up using it.

I can be emailed here, you can follow me on Twitter at @GeordieGuy, you can skype me at roflceratops or MSN me at [email protected]

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